Personal Formation & Start Up Funding

So you have finally decided to do what you have been thinking about doing for all of your life, you have joined the hundreds of thousands of people who have started their own business.  So what’s next?  Is an LLC really the best option for me?  What is an Inc., or an S-Corporation?  Understanding the differences among the various types of business entities can be a challenge in of itself, let alone figuring out where to set up your business, what types of licenses might be required, what sort personal liability you might face and what’s the best way to avoid a big tax bill at the end of the year.

We will sit with you and explain not only the differences, but based on your needs, present you with the best option that not only protects your business and personal assets, but which also limits your tax exposure, maximizing the amount of money you make, and take, from the business.  We will handle all of your business formation issues, providing you with not only the forms required for filing with the state and IRS, but also the forms required for running your business as well.  We will also offer general guidance on the process of securing funding through offering securities (shares of your company) for sale to investors.