Charities & Non-Profits

Setting up a charity can be a daunting task.  The challenge is to communicate your purpose in such a way that the public supports your charitable mission, while also setting up the charity in compliance with the Internal Revenue Service’s 501(c)(3) requirements, so as to take advantange of the tax benefits afforded to non-profits. In an age when there is increasing scrutiny on the operations and governance of charities, having the right guidance at the start can prove the difference between a lifetime of rewarding work, and a lifetime of responding to government investigations, criminal charges and fixing a ruined reputation.

We will advise you as to what the necessary steps are to get your charity up and running, but also explain to you the benefits of securing tax-exempt status from the IRS.  We have a proven track record of securing Section 501(c)(3) designation for our clients, enabling them to solicit tax-free donations to support their charity.  Our clients include charter schools, a medical non-profit, a Japanese cultural organization and an alumni association, and we have the expertise to help your non-profit as well.  Be sure to have all the information you need before you set up your charity by giving us a call.